Tuesday, March 17

An Engagement and a Trip to Savannah

Friday night March 13 April and I headed to the top floor of the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock where I proposed...and she said yes! I had spent the week leading up talking to her family and mine making sure everyone was on board. While I'm sure she had some idea it was coming soon I think I was able to catch her by surprise Friday night. We were able to enjoy a very comfortable night there afterwards before heading out to the east coast to begin a week-long house hunting trip in Savannah, Georgia. I'll be moving here sometime in the next month for work. We've also been able to work in a trip downtown and a trip out to the beach. 

The hope is to settle on an apartment today before heading back out the beach. There is quite a celebration going on downtown Savannah in honor of St. Patrick's Day. We're watching to coverage on TV and listening to all the claims about this being the second largest celebration in the U.S. While it looks like a good time I think we'll be staying away from the large crowds to enjoy a day of relaxation with all the major life changes going on. Maybe today's pictures of the beach will feature clear blue skies!

Thursday, February 26

For Sale

A lot has happened since the update on here a month ago. I am in the process of relocating to another area with my company due to unforeseen circumstances. This has involved many changes at work, lots of work around the house, and a lot of stress over finding out where I'm moving. My house finally officially went on sale this week and is listed on the RPM website here. If you know of anybody looking for a house in Little Rock, send them on over...

I'll post more when I find out where I'm headed in a month...

Sunday, January 25

Wii Fit

When the Wii Fit first came out I was skeptical. I was very skeptical that a little board would be able to sense your movements and help encourage real physical activity. A few things have changed in my life since then and over Christmas it became a challenge (my mission) to find a Wii Fit for April's sister. I searched high and low, from Little Rock to New York to find one and somewhere along the way started becoming interested in them myself. 

Fast forward to this past Friday where I was able to track one to a Target in Texarkana that I'd be passing while on my way back to Dallas for the weekend. When I got there, they had two in stock. I quickly grabbed both, thus fulfilling my commitment to find one for April's sister and to satisfy my own curiosity. 

We hooked mine up in April's house yesterday and I was not disappointed (except when it came to the initial weigh-in. The games are all fun and do encourage a little working out. In fact some of the strength games even had me breathing a little hard. The fit helps you enter your own character, test your current health, then set goals for where you want to be. I'm sure the Wii Fit can't get me back in shape on its own, but I think it can act as the kick in the butt I need to start being more healthy.

Sunday, January 18

Redskins Room

My Redskins room is really starting to come together now...now that the season is almost over. My brother helped me put some extra work into it today while we watched the Cardinals beat the Eagles. The major additions were my brand new jersey frames I got from Mom and Dad for Christmas. That meant switching a few other things up as well. I put up a couple of new pictures, found some new football cases, and framed up the Cuatro Siete shirt signed by Jason Campbell and Fred Davis. I also just e-mailed Tanner Cooley (Chris Cooley's brother) back to see what the chances would be of Chris signing the shirt if I sent it off to him. Until then, I'm pretty happy with my new Jersey frames.

Monday, January 5

New York for New Years

For the third year straight I made the annual New Years Eve in New York. April and I made the flight together from Dallas after having spent some time with family for Christmas. We met up with our friends to see some sites, watch some football, and spend a couple of days out in Riverdale. One of our friends house sits out in Riverdale each year for a family that is happy for us to enjoy the place for our New Years gathering. It was as wild and crazy of a night as ever as we made a nice meal, listened to records, played spades, and I learned how to play backgammon. It may sound boring to some, but we all enjoy it just to spend time with each other. Fun times were had.

A look up at the Guggenheim
A look at the snow outside the house in Riverdale
The tree at 30 Rock
The gang

Saturday, December 27

Ropin' the Wind

I'm proud to say that Cowboy pictured up above is my dad intensely watching the Rodeo we watched down at the stock yards tonight. It was both my first trip to the stock yards and my first real rodeo. Both were definitely a new experience. We saw some bull riding, calf roping, and barrel racing. Good times were had.

The view from our VIP seats

Happy to be there

Good ole bull riding

Thursday, December 25

Christmas and Guitar Hero

Merry Christmas! (Please imagine me shouting that Jimmy Stewart style in It's a Wonderful Life) It's been a fun Griswold family Christmas this year. Red and I made the trip to Texas late last night to join the family. He's had the company of my sister's dog outside all day while another three dogs run around inside. We've done stockings, opened presents, and eaten our traditional Dunkin' Donuts. I've even had some more practice holding a baby today. The real fun started mid afternoon when Brandon and I got the family going on Guitar Hero. It also gave me a great opportunity to try out my new camera lens as my brother rocked the house.

Brandon jamming out

A print that my brother made of him and me when we were little

A painting of the entrance to Shiloh in the fall that my sister made for me