Tuesday, March 17

An Engagement and a Trip to Savannah

Friday night March 13 April and I headed to the top floor of the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock where I proposed...and she said yes! I had spent the week leading up talking to her family and mine making sure everyone was on board. While I'm sure she had some idea it was coming soon I think I was able to catch her by surprise Friday night. We were able to enjoy a very comfortable night there afterwards before heading out to the east coast to begin a week-long house hunting trip in Savannah, Georgia. I'll be moving here sometime in the next month for work. We've also been able to work in a trip downtown and a trip out to the beach. 

The hope is to settle on an apartment today before heading back out the beach. There is quite a celebration going on downtown Savannah in honor of St. Patrick's Day. We're watching to coverage on TV and listening to all the claims about this being the second largest celebration in the U.S. While it looks like a good time I think we'll be staying away from the large crowds to enjoy a day of relaxation with all the major life changes going on. Maybe today's pictures of the beach will feature clear blue skies!

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